Friday, July 17, 2009

Whatcha Been Up To??

I have heard some disgruntled remarks about my abandonment of my "Monday Menu" and "Flashback Friday". Well, some seasons just better lend themselves to consistency, and this has not been one of those seasons. I have promised a friend I will do a Monday Menu this coming Monday, and dedicate it to her. I'm brainstorming what it should be. Dessert? Dinner? Any thoughts out there? So here is just a bunch of randomness regarding what I've been up to instead of blogging...

Uniforms, uniforms, uniforms. I am doing the uniform fittings for a whole bunch of cheerleaders. It is a strange thing. I have had such a crazy amount of the cutest little people fluttering through here, and yet they just keep coming. Eleven more girls coming today, but I think we are nearing the end. If they weren't so stinkin' cute I might be really tired of this, but their cuteness keeps me going. About 14 of them are mine for the next 3 months, and I'm thinking they are the cutest of all.

Today I got myself this when I went to the grocery store. I thought I "earned" it. I don't know really what that means other than I had a craving and feeling like I "earned" it helped justify it in my odd mind. Call it sustenance for the next few hours of uniform stuff.

And since my front door will be more like a revolving door from 12:30 until about 8:00 tonight, and since my family is pretty much tired of left-overs and Top Ramen, I am making about the best combination of easy and yummy I know. A nice sized pork roast, some salt, pepper and garlic powder, a rough cut sweet onion all tossed into the crock pot. A few hours, lots of great smells later...take that roast out and shred it with 2 forks. Put it back into the drained crock pot, pour in some Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ Sauce and heat through. Then serve it up on some hamburger buns with some potato chips and pickle spears and coleslaw that I'll have Brenna make from a kit...ta-da! A really yummy hot weather dinner that makes great left-overs! And no heating up my kitchen. I also am going to make some homemade ice cream tonight...if I can squish it in. Brenda has me obsessed with it since our vacation. Reminds me so much of being at my grandparents farm as a kid. Plain 'ole homemade vanilla ice cream with raspberries right out of our garden. Yum, yum. Come on over for some tonight...though I may make you try on a cheer uniform...

And I forgot to take a picture...but use your imagination. The kids have been having lots of friend time this week. It's so fun to watch the friends Alex has known since kindergarten turning into young men. The one that was here yesterday and last night...he is now 6'3" and maybe not even done growing. I didn't even ask what size his shoes were. Last I asked his mom they were 13. Sweet kid. Lots of health issues this past year...still a bit of an uncertain future, so a true pleasure to have him hanging out and doing so well.

Beth is enjoying a summer nap right now, recuperating from a "sleep" over with a friend. I'm going to live vicariously through her right now. Oh...I'd love a nap.

And this is just a cute (though poor quality) picture of a frequently entertaining sight...

This is our cat, Edgar, and our neighbors dog, Finnegan. The kids are Finn's companion while his mom and dad are at work. Edgar loves to antagonize Finn. He'll just stand around and watch Finn go crazy barking and kicking up the grass, content to have the safety of a fence separating them. At this moment, Edgar decided to torment him even more by hanging out on the fence. I would love to read Finn's thoughts as this was happening!

I feel another give-away creeping closer, too. I'm thinking in the next couple weeks I may have to come up with something clever...I've got a couple "prizes" all ready and waiting for a new home. Molly will be happy. And, no, it has nothing to do with uniforms.

So, that's it for today. Back to my "sustenance".

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