Friday, July 10, 2009

A Vacation of Thrills ~ The Final Chapter

Can you possibly take any more ramblings about our thrilling vacation?? Well, I can't leave anything undone, so I give you the final installment of this gripping photo journal of our trip.

Some of the most thrilling moments were spent at the beach. Great sand for building things, like this drip castle:

Great sand for burying yourself:

Great sand for just sitting and packing some sand baseballs:

And some of the most thrilling moments at the beach happened with the rental of this wave runner:

Fun, fun, fun. Six hours of fun. Brad is hoping to figure out a way to be an owner of one of these big boys. They are fun. Have I mentioned that they are fun? And here are my two favorite guys, both feeling like little boys with a new favorite toy:

Jack's ready to take on the river...

And now I give you some final random vacation memories...

Thanks for the memories, Lake Entiat...see ya next year!!

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  1. I love all of your vacation pictures! I love the one of the five of you on the jet ski. Awesome!