Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Moose, A Dog, and A Snail...Oh, My!

Thursday night I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with my dear friend. She calls me her "old friend." I prefer to be called a "childhood friend" or something more flattering to both of us. After all, my dear Deb, you are older than me. We met in Mrs. Glenn's class in third grade. Many years ago. She scored some Mariner tickets from work, so she treated me to great field level seats just above the Mariner's dugout. Such fun! Great game, but most of all just the great company of a great friend. We were oh-so-lucky to get our picture taken with this very happy Moose:

Then on Friday night, Alex came home from camp. He went straight there from our vacation, so had not been home for quite some time. Who was the happiest to see him?? His dog, Archie. This dog had not quite been himself since we came home. We thought he was just exhausted from his time away or the heat or something. But as soon as he came in the house and heard Alex's voice? Our 'ole Archie was back. He went skidding on the wood floor into the dining room and over by Alex's chair. And could not get close enough to him. A very sweet scene of a boy and his dog:

And today was a day for fulfilling a little girl's deep desire. Beth has been talking about moon snails for about a month now. She has been very fixated on seeing one up close. A curiosity that had to be satisfied. So today we headed down to the beach, and her sweet daddy went down under water until he came up with a moon snail for her to inspect up close. Actually, she ended up inspecting 3 moon snails and a star fish and a clam and a huge crab...lots of great things. Her curiosity for life has always been one of Beth's most endearing traits, so it was fun to have yet another opportunity to watch her explore a creature new to her...

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  1. Welcome back Alex! How was camp?

    Annie does the exact same thing everytime that we pick her up from the kennel! She just runs around and growling....