Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Vacation of Thrills ~ Part 3

So here I go again, trying to wrap up the highlights of our great vacation. Not going to happen in this post. Too many cute shots to capture here. It will take at least one more installment, so if you've had enough already, no problem. Just don't check back in until tomorrow and you should be fine! And if you are still reading, you are among my most favorites.

We had several days of enjoying the pool that was a short walk from our house. A very warm pool. I didn't keep track of how many hours were spent here, but here are some of the pool highlights in pictures:

Brad and Beth ~ water buddies:

Emily and Brenna ~ synchronized divers??

Beth diving in like (how else?) a frog!

Brenna trying out a star jump into the pool.

Can you say "big splash"?

Can you say "big ouch"?

Thomas, the great swimming dude!

This look says, "Well, of course I can do it!"

Beth, walking on water?? No, standing on daddy's back:

What better way to dry off than lay on hot cement!

This is the view the parents had walking back from the pool. They made quite a troop!

And what a dining view, huh? Always hungry after swimming...


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful vacation! Happy memories you made!

  2. That was soooooo much fun!!! I hope we can do it again next summer.