Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Vacation of Thrills ~ Part 2

Here we go with part 2 of the thrilling vacation report!

I thought I should back up and start with some of the basics. Like the thrilling house we stayed in! Beautiful home and a great view of the lake, which is actually the Columbia River, but called Lake Entiat...I don't care to know the details of why. Either way, a beautiful body of water to stare at from this house:

(I have to tattle on my hubby. First a disclaimer...he is a great driver. I most always feel very safe when I am in a car with him. Even though I close my eyes whenever he backs into a parking space, it's because I'm a nervous ninny, not because he's a bad parker. It's not him, it's me, and I fully admit that. He's great at backing in and out of things. I'm not. But he must have contracted a serious case of vacation brain, because moments after this picture was taken he was backing up around the corner to leave for home when I heard the crunch of gravel beneath our tires. I looked in my side mirror, and said, "Brad!!!" He calmly said, "It's fine." I said, "It's NOT fine!!" When we straightened out on the straight stretch, we saw a very clear tire mark going around the corner in the gravel and the bottom brick thingy was all the way down by the next wall of bricks. My oh-so-humble husband didn't say anything. Just calmly walked back up the driveway and replaced the brick and re-leveled the gravel. We never mentioned it again. Until now. In case you are reading this, my humble hubby... mmwwaaa.) about some more pictures of some amazing houses? I got a little more than a little thrill when some locals told us who had homes close to where we were staying. One you can see from the highway, but one only from the water. So, knowing what a kick I get out of being the family paparazzi, Brad gave me another thrill, by taking me down the lake/river on a wave runner (more on that later) to get some shots of these homes. I'll be just a bit cryptic, because I'm not that type of paparazzi, but you'll get the gist..

This is a very cool house. I may have even caught a glimpse of the owner, though I couldn't be sure. I wanted to shout out to him, "Hey, Matt! Rest up that back...pre-season starts next month and we need you!", but I didn't want to freak him out or anything. And in what may be related news, every evening I watched a couple hawks circling in the sky. Hawks seem drawn to this area. And more rumors from the locals say that a certain man who needs a strong leg for his job may be building soon on a lot near this one. Hawks. Hmm. Do you know how exciting this all was for me??!

And just a short jaunt further down the lake/river is this house, under construction, being built by a very beautiful gal, married to a cowboy hat-wearing man...

I don't know if she'll see any "fireflies" from this home, but she's sure to be able to slow down and "breathe" while she's vacationing here. Next year when we go back, we'll surely feel the Faith in the air. And maybe some Tim, too.

So, due to technical difficulties with either my computer or blogger, pictures are loading painfully slowly. That's it for now. I'll try again tomorrow with the next exciting installment of our thrilling vacation report!


  1. Hi Leanne,

    It's really fun to read about your trip with Jack & Brenda! I thought of you all a lot last week when you were away.

    Thank you for the note you left on my blog! I would love, love, love to come down and make cards with you! I really would. Brenda mentioned a weekend the end of August and a teleconference at her church. I'm waiting for Brett's August schedule to see if something might work out then. I'm hopeful.

    In the meantime ... call me if you need any card making tips! I would love to chat and share the little bit that I know.

    A happy summer day to you!

  2. Wow the house you all stayed in looks amazing!