Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unnecessary (but much-loved) Sweetness

It's no surprise or secret that I'm a tad fond of my kids.  They are good people.  I love them, of course, but I LIKE them too.  I have a bright and sparkly example of their uber-sweetness.

Setting the stage: yesterday was a blur of activity from morning to night.  At the end of a busy day, Brenna spent the night with a friend and Beth had a friend stay here.  Alex was off at his house-sitting gig, leaving us down two and up one.  Piece of cake.  (Not literally, unfortunately.  We are a cake-free house as of this minute.)

This morning, it was off to a lab for a blood draw for one, everyone else home and happy and busy.  After some yard work this morning, Brad and I were off for an exciting date to the carwash.  But before we left, we were presented with this:

It says:

"Mommy and Daddy ~

It is Friday, the end to a very busy week and since the summer has started, there has been different forms of busy, with a lot of behind the scenes working for both of you.  Daddy, as usual you have been working sooooo hard, doing more than what is asked of you and setting good examples.  It is hard to realize, but I do recognize how incredibly hard you work to provide for the family.  You also really inspire me that even though you hurt your foot, you are still running and you never complain.  Mommy has also been doing so many things that we do not even recognize.  For example, you scheduled all of the doctor appointments for us 3 kids and have been extremely supportive!  When I had to get my shot and blood drawn, you made it soooo much easier for me!  The way you reassured me really helped.  You have also been not only a great mommy recently because of that, but being so supportive with all of the busy things Alex has been going through.  You and daddy have been EXTREMELY patient with helping out around the house while Alex continues to make plans.

Both of you have been really good parents, and it shows a lot, especially in this season of our lives.  You have both helped to keep our family perfectly in shape even in the busiest and scariest season of our lives.  Thank you for being so supportive with everything!  And Daddy for working so hard!

We love you and you deserve an evening to yourselves!"

***I almost can't take it!!***
****And I did let Brenna know that it is Saturday, not Friday.  One of the joys of summer is you lose track of what day it is!****

So, attached to this was our agenda, written by Beth:


You guys have worked so hard for us kids, I think you deserve some time to yourselves.


-Go to Costco/Carwash 
-Go to dinner (Chipotle?)
-See Monsters University
-Come home and take Lucy for a long nice walk around Capital Lake
-Come home and watch t.v. with no kids around.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves!


Then we got home to find this:

Beth made strawberry sauce and raspberry sauce, with berries she picked from our garden!  What a precious girl.

I don't know if we'll follow the plan exactly, but we'll head to the lake and start with that.

I love thoughtfulness, and their expression of appreciation is such a genuine reflection of their thoughtfulness.

(By the way, they are VERY happily hanging out together where Alex is house-sitting...playing with kitties, having a pizza dinner, catching newts and bugs, playing video games on a giant t.v....they are not suffering while we indulge!)


  1. where did you get these children and what are you doing to have created this?

    You two, I have a lump in my throat...

    This is just so beautiful, I think I will cry now.