Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Relaxing ~ Lucy Style

I was all prepared today to continue on with the blogging and hit some of the recent highlights here.  However, the topic I was going to write about will have to wait for another day.  The main character in that story is full-tilt-boogy exasperating me today.  I won't name the 18 year old man-child (with emphasis on the child) because I'm sure that would be some sort of parental fail.  The emotions, they swing wildly.  I shall leave it at that.

Anywho...onto happier thoughts.  Like my sweet puppy.  Puppies make everything a bit more calm.  I really think Lucy lowers my blood pressure.  She is such a lovey-dovey.  And I think, in return for all the love she gives us, we give her a pretty good life.  As evidenced in the photo below, it's a pretty good life she lives:

And she's really quite tolerant of being placed in positions that she may not place herself in.  Like in the picture above, if Beth thinks she'd be cute sitting up and plunks her down like that, she's happy to oblige.  And she even smiles for the picture.  

She's also really good at snoozing.  She likes a good snuggle while she snoozes, and she's come to the right house for that.

And, really now, that is just plain cute.  No words needed for that one.

Never, ever, will this picture not make me smile.  Giving her eyebrows was a winning moment.

Alright.  Now I've lowered my son-induced blood pressure spike with these pictures and with Lucy snuggling by my side as I typed.  Now I'll head out on a long walk with this sweet pup and all will be right again.


  1. Love it. I can so relate. Birthday today is not a happy one at all but with Sherman by my side I can't help but smile. He just calms me.

  2. hahahahahah!!!!Don't you love these people/dogs to calm our nerves just a bit after a 18 year old child has us a smokin' (as in out our ears and nose) not the drug.