Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventuring Into the Woods

This is the beginning of my re-entry to blogging!  I'm determined to get myself all caught up.  I think I'll start with the most recent and work backwards.  Or something.

Sunday was a bit of a dreary, drippy day here.  Brad had an impromptu urge to get out of town and do a little hiking.  So we packed up some food and off we went, Lucy in tow, to Staircase.

(Now, I am experimenting with blogging from the ipad, so this post is from here going to be a plethora of pictures...)

We ended up being turned away from getting into the National Park, because Lucy is great bait for "big kitties".  So instead we just hiked all around and found some great little spots just off the road.

This waterfall?  One of several...roaring loud and quietly peaceful.

Our little peaceful spot by Lake Cushman where we had lunch and played.  It was 70 degrees and lovely, just occasional drizzle, and NO people!  We had these spots all to ourselves!

Climbing through the woods along a waterfall.

And the rock climbing?  Oh, these three.  Alex and Beth scurried up effortlessly, then sweetly encouraged their cautious (sensible) sister to make her way up there too.  On warm summer days, this rock is crowded with people climbing up and jumping into the lake.  It was fun to have it all to ourselves!

Enjoying the view from the top!

Beth was "sasquatchin'"

Lucy is a very cautious pup.  Once she gained some confidence in the new surroundings, she really got into it!  She tried valiantly to catch water skippers!

She even braved a log-walking adventure in her fruitless quest for a water skipper!

Boys being boys:  they were quite entertained trying to hit a floating log in the lake with rocks.  Quite addicting actually!

Me and my love...

Ta-da!!  I officially loaded pictures from the ipad to my blog!  I'm off and blogging!

And CRUD!  Everything is blurry!  Bummer...sorry if your eyes are now watering like mine.  A little tweaking to do!

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