Thursday, June 27, 2013

A White-Clad 18 Year Old Wonder

I was going to try to go sequentially backwards, but that seems to be too much to make my brain do.  Bringing things into order is not really summer-brain.

(Can I just take a pause here and say how sweet summer is?  My golly.  Sleep is sweeter.  The evenings are so kind.  No computer sharing for homework.  And I use the word "sharing" loosely.  No lunches to pack.  No rushing from one thing to another only to get home and have a mile-long list still waiting.  Leisurely bed times.  I can almost hear Maria VonTrapp singing this paragraph to the tune of "My Favorite Things".  Thank you for coming, sweet summer.)

See?  No order in my summer brain.

Back on track:

I think today I will recap Alex's senior prom.  Ah, prom.  It was a day to remember, for sure.

Here's how it all started...

Alex wears a black tux about 10 - 15 times a year.  It's nothing special for him to put on a tux.  And he wanted senior prom to be special.  So he decided early on that he wanted to wear a white tux to prom.  He was adamant.  Despite my concerns and skepticism, he was arrow-straight determined to wear a white tux.  I could not stop laughing at the picture in my mind.  I kept picturing Cousin Eddie giving Clark Griswold a pair of shiny white patent leather shoes because he noticed Clark admiring his. But he was not deterred.

So we ordered the white tux.  And I asked the sales girl if he really would wear white shoes with the tux.  Yep.  And white socks?  Yep, they come with the tux.  And....undergarments?  I was assuming the tartan plaid boxers might not work so well under white pants.  The gal assured me the pants were fairly thick and see-throughness shouldn't be a problem.  Hmm.

And as it worked out, we went to pick it up and do his fitting a day earlier than we had planned.  Mercy me, am I glad we went a day early.  He walked out in the pants and jacket, and I began to chuckle, and then I began to laugh, and then I actually doubled over and held my belly while I laughed.  It was a sight to behold.  This lanky young man, built just like a q-tip, was wearing a jacket that may have fit him in 8th grade.  The sleeves?  Over 4 inches too short.  It was such a sight, I suggested just leaving sorta fit the picture in my mind of what a white tux should be.

But the salesgirl disagreed.  And after deciding that the jacket was too small to even be altered, she was able to have a new jacket shipped in overnight.  

And the final product?  This is where I admit I was wrong.  WRONG.  All kinds of absolute wrong.  He looked smashing.  As handsome as handsome gets.


And then he picked up his date, the sweet and lovely Alaina.  And she matched his handsomeness with her beauty.  They were quite the stunning couple.  

Adding to the specialness of this day?  It happened to be Alex's 18th birthday!  What a way to celebrate your birthday!  As a birthday gift, his grandparents gave him the use of their Lexus convertible for the day.  The day just kept getting better!

For dinner, I ended up cooking for his group of 12.  It's a long story how this came about, but I'm so glad it worked out as it did.  It's a special memory, getting to serve my son and his group a special meal on his special day.  Loved it.

It was all his request:

Four appetizers, all divine.
Spinach-Strawberry Salad.
Steak, Hassleback Potatoes, bacon-wrapped green beans.
Individual Molten Lava Cakes with vanilla ice cream.


And then the group headed off to the dance and events and had a blast.  An day and evening to remember, for sure.

Oh, I should also include this:

How did he ask her to prom?  Once she was home from school for the summer, he planned a series of dates.  He had one date that was all "P" things.  Another that was all "R".  Another all "O" and a last date "M".  The last one was the two of them rehearsing their duet in front of some of his friends.  When they were done with the duet, his friends pulled out big letters that he had made, each recapping a date.  After the "M" was brought out, he gave her a bouquet of roses and asked her to prom.  Sweet.

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  1. Whoa!Leanne, it looks like you could open a restaurant the way you had it set all up and I guarantee that the food was amazing with that special touch you always have. WOW!

    And.....that boy of yours? He is one good looking dude. Alaina, is a special girl, you can just see it.