Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's That Time Again ~ List Time

I don't know why I can't get my bloggin' mojo back with any consistency.  Good heavens, the days...they blur.  But I know if I go longer than a week, I start getting questions from inquiring minds..."Everything okay??"  Yes, everything is very okay.  Just also very busy and between the mothering and the working and the taxi-driving and the cooking and the laundering and the exercising, and the living, the blogging just doesn't make it onto the schedule.  In order to make myself feel a bit more together, I'm going to throw out the handy-dandy list.  Sorry.

1.  Brenna's track season starts tomorrow.  I sorta think of track as a Spring sport, so it makes me think Spring is approaching, even if it is still February.

2.  Brad and Alex made a whirlwind trip to Baltimore and Arizona for college auditions and interviews.  Twas a big success, and now we do my LEAST favorite thing:  we wait.  We should have all information in the first week of April, then we have a few weeks to figure it all out.

3.  I blew my diet this weekend.  And I blame it all on Rice Krispies.  The hubs makes a magnificent batch of Rice Krispie Treats, and he made them this weekend, and he put peanut butter and chocolate into them, and I ate more than my fair share of them.  I am powerless to resist him.  I mean them.  And him.

4. I did have my bloodwork to re-check my cholesterol.  Looking forward to hearing the good news this week of how wonderful everything has responded.  And minutes before I had the bloodwork done, I had my annual mammogram.  Seriously, girls, go get it done.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.  Okay, that was not the best choice of words.  But truly, not a big deal.  My blood draw left a bruise.  The mammo?  You need to do it.  

5.  I was moments away from throwing up at the gym on Saturday.  I survived, finished my workout, and those around me were none-the-wiser.  An all-day, all-night headache followed.  Today was a new day and I'm thankful.

6.  Tonight was the first Sunday night in awhile with no Downton Abbey.  I was so sad after last week's episode that perhaps I needed this time to mourn.  

7.  And the Oscars tonight?  I thought Amy Adams was a vision of loveliness.  And Jennifer Garner tearing up on the red carpet talking about her man?  And then her man breaking up talking about his wife in his acceptance speech?  Love that.  I also thought Halle Berry was divine, and Anne Hathaway, and now I'm forgetting everyone who stood out to me...but there were so many lovelies it's hard to keep track.  And although I loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress color and dress top and her hair and sweet look, I thought the bottom of the dress was a bit much, as evidenced by the trip going to claim her award.  But her graciousness was so lovely that she could have been wearing burlap and she woud have been shining.  Oh, and I loved Sally Field and Jennifer Anniston too.  And Barbara Streisand was looking great tonight too.  And I'm so glad Daniel Day Lewis won for Lincoln, and his speech was sonderful.  Humble.  

8.  I need to go to bed now, so I'm quitting here.  :)

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  1. I love this post. You layed it out there, and it made me exhausted thinking about all the business going on in your world. It is all so positive too! LOVE!