Thursday, March 7, 2013


Oh, it's been awhile.  Again.  And so much much has been happening, but there will be a better time for catching up all of that.  I think.

For now, I thought I would get some moments captured of the characters I work with.

Today was the big Character Day at school, celebrating the end of reading month and Dr. Seuss's birthday!  This day is always an adventure in fun, and I love seeing the creative ways the kids dress as their favorite book character.  This year I counted three - THREE - Laura Ingalls!  Gives one hope for this next generation!!  I didn't get pictures of all the little munchkins, cuz that would kind of be all kinds of wrong to put those pictures here, but trust me that my eyes beheld cuteness in overwhelming measures today!

And the grown-ups get in on the fun, too!  We had some good laughs at each other's expense.  One of my favorite groups, all dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters, is not represented in my pictures, but they were fabulous!

So here, in no particular order, are a few of my favorite characters to work with:

Thing 1, Skippy John Jones, and Thing 2
The guys from "Put Me In The Zoo".  I have a special fondness for this book...I was reading it to Brenna when the thought first fluttered through my mind that I may be, could be, possibly be pregnant with Beth.

The beautiful Amelia Bedilia and some nut dressed like the Fox in Socks.
 Another darling Amelia Bedilia and a better look at the spectacular Skippy John Jones.

And last, but certainly not least, the spicy and saucy Pizza Chef, whooping it up with a little Celebration!
It really is quite shocking that I get paid to have this much fun!



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