Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Have A Winner!

So today is officially my last day of summer.  Even thought I worked all last week, it doesn't really count.  Tomorrow my kids go charging into their new year.  I go charging into mine, all those little munchkins coming with spongy, eager minds...can't wait!

And so, today was the perfect day to draw the winner of my little give-away!  Time to blow a kiss to this season and throw our arms open to embrace the FALL!  And what better way to do that then to go indulge in a yummy Starbucks drink with a friend??  Or maybe bake a yummy treat for someone you love?  Or maybe do the dishes and dry them with some cheery new towels?  (Okay, that's a stretch, even for me.  I apologize.)

We picked the winner, Carlson-style.  Translation:  we wrote all your names on a little piece of paper and one of the kids drew a winner, while another complained that he didn't get a chance to enter, and another pleaded to make it the best 2 out of 3 so she could have a chance to draw.  Can't please 'em all.

And......get a drum roll going in your head, please........the winner is.......

Aunt Claudia!!!!

Your loot will be on its way soon!

On a completely unrelated topic, we had a very productive weekend! The new bathroom vanity got it's tile black splash, looking all spiffy.  The hall closet and my closet went through a very thorough purging...ah.  Feels so good to lighten the load!  And Brenna's room went through a MASSIVE purging, in which I realized my daughter is dangerously toeing the line of being invited onto Hoarders.  She finds treasures in everything.  Everything.  I know she loved her kindergarten teacher, but keeping the mass-produced pencil-holding birthday card from her?  Time to part with that.  The tag from the new socks?  Bye-bye.  The planners from every middle school year?  All done.  New closet organizer installed by daddy, cleaned out room...hello.  Time for a new season, indeed!

In the process of cleaning and organizing, I pulled out my wedding dress for the girls to see.  Oh, my.  They both ended up trying it on.  Lessons learned?

1.  I was once quite thin.

2.  I have been married a long time.
3.  My girls are growing up.
4.  I'm old.

 (I'm also experimenting with how to get my pictures bigger on here.  I may have chosen a bad picture to experiment with, because I don't need announced any bigger all this does to my heart!)

Alright.  On with the day.  Food to buy, dance to choreograph, time trials to cheer for, alarms to set (boo), and clothes to pick out.  It's almost the 1st day of school!  Yahooo!


  1. OMG! That is terrific news and done so diplomatically!! Just reading your blog brightened my day, not just because "I'm a winner!", but your happy, cheerful outlook on life cheers my soul! Thank you for that!

    A. claudia

  2. OK, how much do I love this picture of Beth and the dress? LOTS! I bet she got a charge out of trying it on. I can only imagine my girls in my dress, hoops and all! It was my mom's dress and I had it updated from its 1960s days for my 1990 wedding. And by the way, please don't be old because it makes me even older! ... but I know what you mean. Congrats Aunt Claudia!