Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Give-Away To Celebrate My New Look!

Notice anything a little different here??  I had a makeover!  Well, my blog had a makeover, but I love it so much that I think I look 10 years younger!
The fabulous Gina did all this and she is just an amazing lady with an amazing talent for design.  I'm so thankful to have a little touch of Gina make this blog more like me.  It has made me smile from the first moment I saw the preview!
I'm so excited about the new look, I thought maybe it was time to spread a little love and excitement around.
And we are right on the edge of Labor Day weekend, the official end of summer.  My work year is back underway, and all the kids join the fun this coming week.  When a season shifts, it's a good time to reflect on it, right?
So for a fun give away, leave a comment answering one of these questions:
1.  What was the single best moment of this summer?
2.  If you could have one extra day of summer to do anything, what would you do?
For the winner:
2 kitchen towels that pretty closely match my blog colors, chocolate chips (of course!) and a $10 Starbucks card to enjoy a new Fall beverage with a friend!  (I used my personal card for the picture, but I'm not giving it up.  Yours will be whatever I fall in love with when I go to Starbucks!)
Feel free to also tell me (and Gina) how much you love the new look!  Compliments gladly accepted, although it will not increase your chances of winning.  That will be done by random draw.
And speaking of random, because I often do, here's a couple random items for you:
1.  A sign hanging on a restaurants wall caught my eye and made me ridiculously happy, I excitedly went around the counter and right up to it, inspecting it to see how much it was.  One of the employees had to tell me that it was part of their decor, and wasn't for sale.  I humbly sat down and ordered food, which they were selling.
2.  I'm over-the-moon in love with a basset puppy I have never met.  Brad's co-worker has one, and he keeps sending me pictures of this sweet pup.  I think there might be a basset in my future.  Distant future.  But, yes, I'm in love.


  1. LeAnn, first I am tickled that you are looking at puppies again with an eye to the future. By the way this ones adoreable. When you get it I want to meet it. We have a neighbor behind us a 10 month old Newfie puppy. (95lb) Adoreable. Love her, Abby. Life is too short for me to have all the breeds I would love.
    Now for the contest question my single most fun moment this summer has to be one of the fun, fun times with my grandkids and I only get to pick one,wow, you're mean. I think it would be my day with them at Tumwater Falls Park. It brought back memories of my days there with their parents, my babies, and we just had a sweet,sweet time together, them and me. Just this morning Madeline was in the car with me headed downtown and she brought that day up. It must be a good memory for her too.
    What would I do if I had one more day of summer. I'm doing it. Pat and I are taking off with our trailer behind us and our boat on top of us and we are headed to sunny Eastern Washington for two whole weeks. I am so freakin' excited. Fishing, Visiting with friends we only see once a year, making new friends. We will be enjoying the sun and eating only when and if we feel like it. I could go on and on. Oh, I already did. Love you!

  2. By the way, what did the sign say that got your attention? Just wondering?

  3. I love your new look!! I think I've told you that a few times now!! Let's see, smart thinking on the whole 'dark chocolate chocolate chips' that will get everybody wishing they could win this little drawing.A bassett hound, oh my, I love this idea. I'll bet Bethie is on your side on this one as well.

    This summer....IT WAS FULL right from the very beginning! Probably the family gathering we had at the beginning of this summer would probably take the cake and also set the tone for the other great things of our summer (and some not so great) this year. Weddings, fair, Jordan's crash, our trip to the beach with the horses, shall I go on? But the family gathering was a special moment just having allllll of us under the same roof.

    Happy beginning of your fall. Crazy time, fun time...

  4. I love it! So cute!

    The best part of summer for me was spending a week at the coast with the family. Super fun to see your kids run in the sand and play in the water. =0)

  5. Leanne,
    I do love your new look, It looks ten years younger, but, YOU don't need to look ten years younger!

    Let's see, I think favorite memeory would just be piling into the car and taking a quick trip to visit Central. Short trip, but really reminded us of a couple of really long road trips we have done with the family. Seeing kiddos laughing together, being spontaneous, shopping for back to school clothes; all very fun.

    So, nice job Leanne!


  6. Yes, the new look is fabulous! Who is Gina? She did a great job. My favorite moment of the summer has to be Jack's birthday celebration day where we went to iFly and then a Mariner's game, sitting in some fancy 200 level seats. It was beautiful weather, and just a lot of fun early in the summer. Give me another day of summer, and providing it's a sunny day and nobody is working or otherwise scheduled (yes, that's been the tricky thing this year) and I would take the crew to the Nisqually Refuge. Maybe we'll get that in this weekend!

    Now, I must go Pintrest and figure out what I will do with those dark chocolate morsels!

  7. Ok! The site is fabulous! Fresh and inviting! Thanks to Gina for the great help!
    My fav memory for the summer was settling into my new townhome. After 15 years in my other home, I made the break, leaving tremendous memories behind to plunge into yet another season of my life. The beginning of another exciting portion of this already blessed life, brought fresh feelings of excitement and blessing to my soul! I wake each morning praising God and thanking Him for His blessed grace....He and I walk this new path together!

    Aunt Claudia

  8. I love the new look! Clean, crisp and ahhhh wonderful. I wish I had a Gina to help mine! LOL I also like the Life is Sweet, God is Good. Such great truth. Favorite summer memory? Hmmm..... being at a cabin on a lake in MN with my family. It was perfect.
    Robin Bailey

  9. I too love the new look! My favorite summer memory is:Spending some quality family time on a hike with my girls! It was a very special moment when they reached the end. Love them! And as a bonus: If I could have one extra day of summer to do anything it would be to bring everyone back together for one special dinner to share laughs, tears, hugs and joy! And by everyone I mean those lost to us but not forgotten and then current family as well. Sigh.........too short!

  10. I love the look, being the only girl in this house I LOVE PINK!Three boys and a busy lifestyle add up to lots of summer memories at baseball tournaments, Long lake days, late nights watching Big Brother and other trashy TV. But I have to say that the best memory was the day spent "honoring" my ex mother in law. She passed away a month before her 80th Birthday and her family had a memorial bbq in her honor. Her son and I divorced 11 years ago but she continued to treat me as "a daughter" , even welcoming my new husband and child into her circle of FAMILY. She taught me alot about FAMILY and forgiveness. Seeing her 5 kids in one place again was a treat to me also, they still treat me as FAMILY also as we all stay in touch. She was a blessing to all of us. Now, one more day? Its TODAY!!! We are having FAMILY and some friends over for a barbeque, couldnt get any better than that. So....I need to get to Safeway and grab a few more things, maybe I'll see a cute new bagger there :)

  11. Like a good book, your new blog layout is so easy to read! If I had one more day of summer I would spend it with my family at a lake with no we could "just be."

  12. Love the pink! (And the dark chocolate morsels!) Single best moment of the summer. Hmm... I'd have to say it was just this past weekend when Mack and I went to the ocean with some of his friends. Enjoyed the bright sunshine, cool fresh air and relaxing sound of the waves.