Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's List Time

Alrighty...it's officially time for list-mode.  Back to work yesterday, a class all day today, creeping closer to the 1st day of school, summer winding down, cheer in full-swing, my baby boy starting his senior year, my little Brenna starting high school, my ittiest-bittiest starting middle school, my son starting his first job this week, cross-country season...I'm a little pressed for time these days.  A little frazzled, truth be told.  So, time to be efficient!

1. Brad has finished his annual camping trips with the kids.  I love that they have this time together, without me.  I'm not a camper.  And I make no apologies for it.  Camp-away, my family! 

First up was the father-son trip.  This year they hiked into FlapJack Lake.  They had a great time, made some more memories, and had to do all sorts of ridiculous things so as not to attract bears or goats. 

Next up was the father-daughter trip:
They had a bit of a more "civilized" camping experience at their favorite locale: Rainbow Falls.  They apparently have a bathroom there with GREAT acoustics, and the girls spent almost an hour "harmonizing" in there!  Great memories with this trio, someday those girls will know how blessed they are to have this man as their daddy!
3.  The cheer season is well-underway now.  It's strange having just one daughter cheering, now that Brenna has "aged-out" of the program.  But the fun of that is she is now a junior coach for Beth's squad.  So I get both my daughters at one location!!
This past weekend was Jamboree, a day that is a mix of fun and chaos.  The girls have the fun.
And these 13 girls?  About as precious as they come.  Getting to work with Stacy and hang out with my buddy 3 times a week is pretty special too!
4.  Last weekend was also the Portland to Coast High School Cross Country Challenge!  131 miles, run as a relay with 12 guys, completed in 13 hours and 38 minutes!!  They shaved well-over an HOUR off last year's time, coming in 1st (both years!) among 50 teams!
Proud of these guys!!
Even got a little press interview after the victory!
5.  And on the very next day...this man swam again in the Park-to-Park swim across Lake Washington, a fundraiser for Children's Hospital!  Love his dedication to the sport and the cause.
Somewhere out there, I'm sure!
My man is the one in the green cap.  Phew.
6.  And also this week, Alex started his first job! (I'm not counting teaching music lessons or being paid for playing music.  Like his first job where he'll have money deducted from a pay check and other real life job stuff!
And it's a funny story:  since he was so young, like 7 years old, he would bag my groceries for me, even figured out where the button was to make the conveyor belt advance.  He loved the idea of working at Safeway and bagging groceries!  (Maybe it was surrounding himself with the food???)  We happen to know the manager of our local store, and he started telling Alex when he was about 12 that when he turned 16 he would find him a job.  Well, at 17, Alex was ready.  A blessedly smooth process led to this:
Isn't he cute in his apron?!  So his first day was 4 hours of training and then they let him bag up some groceries for an hour!  So far so good, and they invited him back!!
7.  This is a good place to end.  Too tired.  But, I am so very excited about something that's coming soon!!  I need to tell you stay tuned and check back soon!!!  I wish I could say more.  Not really.  I kinda like a good tease.  (when I'm the one giving it, anyway.)


  1. I'm exhausted just reading this! Talk about one day at a time around that crazy household of yours. Whoa! Hang in there Momma, you can do it, I know you can...I will be YOUR cheerleader on this one. I think you need one! Rah, rah, go LEANNE, You ar a Momma, who CAN!!!

  2. MY HEART IS RACING WHEN I CAME HERE.....I LOVE IT, it is YOU, I feel like I just walked into your front door....I'm so excited for you, I love this new look. Awesome Leanne!!!!!!

  3. OK the post is really fun and full of great pics... but REALLY NOW let's talk about the new look of your blog!!! Who did this for you? It's crazy amazing and it fits you to a Tee! Way to go chocolatechipsandsnickerdoodles!!!