Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinterest Obsession

I knew better.  I knew I'd be addicted.  I knew it.  This whole Pinterest craze...I resisted for so long.  I would just allow myself to peruse the first page that came up, and then walk away.  No longer.  What I knew would happen has happened.  I signed up.  And I'm addicted.  And I love it.

I've found great stuff for just about every area of my life.  I really believe creativity inspires creativity.  When I look at creativity, it inspires me to try to be creative.  And mostly, it's just fun.

Here's some of the fun I've been having:

The caption with this said: "Bored?  Draw some eyebrows on your dog."  I have laughed so hard at this picture.  I'm keeping it forever.  And anytime I find myself in any sort of funk, I only have to look at this to be put back in my happy place.  I mean, really now.  I think if sweet 'ole Archie was still sitting beside me, he'd be sporting some of these fine eyebrows.  How can that not make you smile????

And I was so curious to see if something really worked:  the pin said you could use a Sharpie marker, draw on a plain mug, bake it for 20 minutes at 350 and you'd have a permanently decorated mug (or any dish).  So I got some cheap white mugs, gave the girls a pile of Sharpies and had them design away.  They could wipe off any "mistake" and design to their hearts' content.  And then we baked them:

Totally worked!

And in my last post I went on and on about Hope and Anchors.  It has continued to churn around in me, and then I saw this bracelet:

Inspired me to make this:

I like it.  I added a little "Hope" charm to tie in the whole Hebrews 6:19 vibe.

And don't even get me started on all the food ideas.  Yum.  I'm decorating houses I don't own, I'm getting great ideas for clothes I can't afford, I'm finding great work-out tips I probably won't do, and I'm finding lots and lots of inspiration.

Here's how bad I am:  the first week I started "pinning", I had a dream about it.  In my dream, all the little boxes on Pinterest were portals that I could crawl into.  So if I saw something I liked, I could crawl into the box and check it out in person.  I was totally checking out how a dresser had been re-done, touching the corners, looking at the backside.  And then I went into a portal onto a beautiful white sand beach and checked out a hammock that was all by itself beside a beautiful turquoise ocean.  I've really gone too far, and I'm loving it.

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