Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Day

The first day is under our feet.  It's so good to get that first out of the way!  This was a big transition year...start of a senior year, start of a freshman year, and the start of middle school.  Only I am left at the elementary school!

Once again, on Monday I made the kids get dressed in what they were going to wear on the 1st day of school and took them to their schools to get the "1st Day of School" picture.  They protested a bit ("but I wasn't going to do my hair today!!!" and "I don't know what I'm wearing! why does it matter???", etc.) and then I told them that I'd be glad to follow them to school the 1st morning and embarrass them by making them stand there and pose for their mom's camera.  They got ready perty quick!

I don't know why this day made such an impact, but the pictures I took really made me realize how grown up they are.  They all look so much older to me, and I'm stunned by them. 

 We pulled up to the school to find the football team practicing right near where I wanted pictures!  They were thoroughly humiliated! We had to laugh awhile about that, and how dorky we all looked showing up to school on Labor Day, backpacks and all!
They are a pretty sweet pair.  Right back at the school where their parents met! 
 I had to get a picture by "The Rock", the landmark at OHS where many messages are spray painted for all to see!
 My sweet little-est, off to old stomping ground!
 Off she goes, into this new world.  It's so brave to do these new things, even if you have no choice.
 I decided to take advantage of their good-natured cooperativeness and get some pictures of the trio.  Oh, my.  They are growing up.
 Happy, sweet, loving me and to each other.  I can't ask for more. 
And the first day review?  #1 and #2 had nothing but great things to say.  A good day, friends in classes, exciting...everything you hope the first day will be.  #3 had a tough time with the big move.  Locker sticking, rushing to class, crowded halls, bus confusion...all a bit overwhelming for my tender girl.  But we ended the day with a fun cheer practice, and assured her that tomorrow will be better!  Sometimes it's hard growing up.
And my first day?  A bit like herding cats.  Feral cats.  But also so much fun to see those sweet little people! Lots of hugs and smiles and eager little faces ready to learn!  Flaming red, sweaty faces finishing recess and totally confused how to get back to class.  "Who's your teacher?"  "I don't know."  Perfect.
My feet hurt, my ears hurt, my brain hurts.  And I love it, truly!
It was a day.  A good day, a growing-pain day, a full day.  A day.
Here's to a successful, happy school year!


  1. I wondered how you got them to pose for those pictures! Very smart to go the day before. =0)

  2. herding cats, that cracks me up....I think I felt like that this morning with my own, they are tired and the brain was not engaging. And yes....those darlings of yours are HUGE!

  3. So do tell, how are you getting the pics so big? Just picking the Extra Large size when you upload the photo in? By the way, love the idea of pics at the school but not during school! I will have to do that.