Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Future Is Safe From Monkeys

Oh, what a day.  It was eventful in some very fun ways!

My morning was blessed by one of those endearing kindergarten moments that makes you smile from the inside out.  One of the little guys who is a bit rambunctious and energy-filled (and very interested in expending his energies in creative ways) has been so sweet to me this week.  Yesterday he presented me with a treasure:  a glass bead that he was oh-so-proud to give me!  Love it.  I'm going to make a necklace of some sort out of it so he can see how much I love it.  And today?  He tells me this story:

"Mrs. Carlson, when I grow up I'm going to be a person that studies and trains monkeys!"

I told him I thought that was a fabulous plan!

He says, "Yes, that way I can keep you safe from all the monkeys."

I am not totally sure what he is talking about, but the sentiment is so very sweet in that kindergarten kind of way!  Love that boy.  And I love that chivalry is alive and well in the next generation.

Later in the day, my reading group was delightfully interrupted by a visit from Rhubarb the Moose, a local baseball team mascot.  Sadly, no pictures...but it was a treat!  My kindergarteners were lost to me after that.  I have nothing in my repertoire to compete with a giant moose.  Oh, wait.  I think Rhubarb is a reindeer??? I dunno.  He's a 6'7" furry guy with big antlers and a very happy face.

And, today I received truly one of my all-time favorite gifts!  My sweet friend made this pin for me:

Uh, huh!  Yes, she MADE that!!  I can't even find words for how excited I was!  I love it so much.  How can you not love it?

Monkeys + reindeer/moose + cookies = A Happy Wednesday!

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