Sunday, March 18, 2012

Because Every Picture Has A Story To Tell

Okay, so a couple months ago, a friend at work was doing this Photo a Day thing and it was so fun.  She did it with several friends and they all would text their pictures to each other.  When I saw this idea again on Pinterest, I decided I wanted to play too!  I'm not sure if I'll do it via Facebook or on my blog, but I wanted to write this all up so you can play too.  Some of these I copied from a list on Pinterest, but I've changed several of them to suit me.  I didn't like that the month ended with "something that makes you sad".  No thank you.  So here's my own list...

The idea is to take a picture of whatever the topic is that day, then post it.  Be creative.  I've seen people take this literally and people be a bit abstract with it, both are fun!

1.  Your reflection
2.  soft
3.  warm
4.  tiny
5.  strong
6.  mail
7.  lunch
8.  sunset
9.  shadow
10. something you're thankful for
11. where you ate breakfast
12. the last thing you bought
13. hair
14. a younger you
15. comfortable
16. words
17. looking down
18. flower
19. color
20. liquid
21. vegetable
22. looking up
23. 3 pm
24. sweet
25. something you drew
26. happy
27. a circle
28. inside your purse or wallet
29. peaceful
30. yummy

Just a sweet memory

You have 2 weeks to get that camera or phone charged up and ready to shoot!  I love how this can bring some thoughtfulness to a day.

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  1. Oh this is fun. Maybe I'll join you and do this in April. Would give me some blogging fuel and inspiration.