Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Last Chapter

Oh, the dreaming and wondering and pondering and seeking and asking and thinking and plotting and planning and dreaming and wondering and pondering...

So much discussion.  So much unknown.

Last night in church, Pastor Jon asked how many people, when they get a new book, open to the last chapter and read how the book is going to end.  Alex enthusiastically raised his hand.  We talked about that a bit later, and it so fits where he is.  What is the NEXT chapter, not to mention the last??  This is the season of figuring it out, dreaming the dreams, wondering the options, pondering the realities.

Big dreams, this young man has.

Big hopes.

Big aspirations.

I feel like, if pressed to do so, I could write the next chapter for you, Alex.  At least an outline of it.  The details may not be fully formed, the characters may be unknown, the setting may be multi-optioned, but the basic theme?  Simple to outline.  It will be heavy with success, full of love, music, rewarding, challenging.  You will be enjoying the fruits of your labor, even while you continue to labor.  You will be loving life, LIVING life fully, meeting challenges with determination and hard work to fully realize your hopes and dreams.

Not actually the last chapter, for this is a story that will continue to unfold before you.  As you weigh your options and pray through your decisions, keep this in mind:

"...he who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it..."  Phil. 1:6

And if you must know the end first, even though that's the best way to ruin a good story, read this:

Stay soft, keep praying, keep listening, keep working hard...we are excited to watch this next chapter be written.  We are wondering, pondering, dreaming right along with you.  We believe in you.  We love you.

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