Sunday, December 18, 2011

Signs Of The Season!

Oh, Christmas season, how I love thee.  You are brimming with beautiful sights to behold. 

Here's some recent and not-so-recent sights that bring that Christmas cheer to my heart:

Bless their little hearts.  This was Christmas 1998.  Brenna had just turned one, and Alex was three and a half.  (Those "halfs" were a big deal in the single digit years!).  We went to a beautifully decorated, festive business that we love, they even had live reindeer!  So much fun!  Right?!  Brenna just fell apart.  And Alex was stunned and not capable of smiling at the lady in the funny hat trying to take a picture of his screaming sister.  This BROKE MY HEART!  I hated it, and I never again in all these years took my children to sit on Santa's lap.  Never.  Again.

But now I look at this picture and it gives me the giggles.  I'm so very glad I have this!  Is that a bit twisted?  I don't know.  Maybe it's partly because I know these two little people have grown into perfectly normal teenagers who have suffered no lasting effects of this experience.  At the time? Traumatic.  Now?  A memory I'm glad to have.

And last weekend was full of Christmas signs.  Brad swam in a meet called "Rudolph's Plunge".  It was a big flashback for me...sitting on those metal bleachers watching him swim and waiting for him to come up after his flip turn and then watching him win.  Loved it.  I didn't get the whole connection to Rudolph until I saw this picture:

And it reminded me of this:

So, yeah.  Now I can see it.  Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas.

And then we had the joy of celebrating Christmas with the Shipleys.  It was a scrumptious meal in their beautiful...beautiful! kitchen.  And just plain 'ole good times together.  They are such a happy, bright spot in our lives, and we are so very thankful for them.

a teenagers favorite gift!

new earrings from Auntie Debbie!

here are the kids posing with Auntie Debbie.  She skyped in from the Washington D.C. Costco parking lot.

Brenna's new hat and scarf from Auntie Debbie!

new slippers!!

and here we all are.  these two people LOVE us in the truest, sincerest way.  and we LOVE them right back.  they are a gift to us, a blessing we hold dear.

Love, love, love this season!!


  1. that picture of Alex cracks me up, it's like he's looking at you with this "seriously Mom?" look...he's not buying it one bit. Not even a tiny bit! Looks like some Christmas fun, and yah I get the reindeer swim thing...hahaha! FUN!

  2. Leanne, The Santa picture just cracks me up. I have one of my son just like it. He was 18 months old and screaming. I love the picture now. I have it framed and it is out every year. It just takes me back to him being little again.. He now is 39 and has four little ones of his own. You know I don't think either of my kids have taken theirs to sit on Santa's lap. Just think they will never have a picture like this.