Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Little Lady

So this sweet little baby....

Is now this sweet little lady...

14 years old!  I really am so surprised at how very much the same she is, though.  All that sweetness is still there in such a big way.  She is as much a joy now as she was the day they laid her on my chest while her daddy passed out across my belly.  Oh yes he did.  But that's for another day.

We had a great day with Brenna...she is a simple girl when it comes to celebrating her own day.  She wanted chowder in bread bowls, which has become a birthday theme in 2011.  And German chocolate cake.  Mmm.

A new ring from her sweet sister,

A scarf and earrings from her sweet brother,

which she had to check out...

yummmmmmy cake!

there is a sweet story behind this:  Brenna's first 4 months were very unhappy for her. She had a nasty case of reflux and was cranky and miserable. she cried and fussed in large quantities.  I spent hours snuggling her and rocking her while she fussed, trying to soothe her.  I would say into her ear over and over, "Brenna, Jesus is growing within you the beauty of a gently and quiet spirit..."  SO many times I spoke that to her and over her.  Years later, when Brenna was a toddler and clung to my hip, I casually described her as "shy".  That person corrected me and said, "She's not shy, she has a gentle and quiet spirit!"  WOW!!  Yes, she does!  And if you know Brenna well, you know how very true that still is today, and I believe forever.  She is precious.  So I made this sign for her, and after all the opening of boots and jewelry and clothes, she said this was her favorite present.  See?  Precious!

Then, of course, the annual visit from Santa through the neighborhood happened to fall right on her birthday again!  Santa forgot to say Happy Birthday in all the excitement, but that's okay.  We still were happy to see him!

On Friday, it was finally time for Brenna to celebrate with her friends.  We didn't do a big party this year, instead just had her closest friends come home from school with her.  She waited for  the birthday biggie:  piercing her ears!  until her friends could come be her support.  She was so freaked out about doing this, yet wanted to do it so badly.  The whole way to the mall was a discussion of all the things that could possibly go wrong, how badly it was going to the time we got to the mall I was ready to just hold her down and do it myself!  (I kid.)  (Kind of.)

The before.

The during.

The first cleaning.

The after.  She did it!!

Beth came to watch the big show too, and to offer her encouragement ("Oh, Brenna, it doesn't hurt at all!  Just do it!!!).  While we were there, she picked out a set of rings for her and her sister that say "I love my sis".  Sweet.

After the girls shopped for a couple hours (while I did a little shopping by myself and then sat in the food court reading and people watching ~ fun!) we went to Red Robin for some late dinner.

The picture of Brenna standing on the chair while everyone sang to her came out with weird eyes that creep me out, so this will have to do.  A loooooved girl, this one.  And I'm so glad she'll always be my little girl!!!

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  1. she is an absolute beauty inside and out and I love that she now has a sign too. And what you put on special and sweet.I love this precious girl!