Monday, November 28, 2011

Unnumbenough, Muppet Style, And Other Dinnertime Entertainment

My mouth is 50% numb and I am 100% unhappy about it. It's a long and painfully boring story, but I once had a bad experience with anesthetic at the dentist.  Tooth numb? No. Throat numb? Yes. Panic inside me? YES!  So ever since then, I get unnecessarily anxious about any dentist appointment involving anesthesia.  So when I learned two weeks ago that I had a cavity under an old filling?  Not happy.  Today it was filled, unpleasant but uneventful. I was more numb when I got home than when they started working, so the unpleasant was all my anxiety plus little jolts of pain, but nothing to complain about in proportion to how much I unnecessarily wasted rapid heart beats over it.  My heart was racing and I was shaking like a wet cat the whole time.  So silly.

Anyway, my unpleasant moment in time resulted in great dinnertime entertainment for my family.  I'm too numb to enjoy food without biting my tongue or cheek, but I sat at the table and chatted with my family.  They made me smile over and over to see if I was smiling normally.  They made me stick my tongue out to see if I could roll my tongue with half of it numb.  And on and on it went.

Then Alex displayed his genetic gift of making his tongue into a clover.  Brenna cannot do that, but Beth can.  Beth can raise one eyebrow, a gift from both her father and mother's gene pool, but Alex and Brenna cannot.  Brenna can wiggle her ears in a big obvious way, but the rest of us cannot, although I think I still believe I am doing it.

Now, going back a couple days, we took the family to see The Muppets this weekend.  Hilarious.  Hi. Lar. I. Ous.  We had to explain dated references galore, and had to bring them into the whole Muppet loop when we left so they would understand it.  I looked over at Alex a couple times and could tell he was a bit perplexed as to the whole puppet thing, but I think it was still fun for him.  He'll really love it once we make let him watch some old Muppet Shows.  Brad and I laughed and laughed and laughed.  And I sang and sang and sang.  Oh, that Ralph the dog!  I forgot how cute he is.

Anyway, one of the great songs that I don't think has any words, but goes "Mana-mana; bum buta bum bum; Mana-mana; bum buta bum; Mana-mana; bum...."  Are you hearing it in your head?  Keep it there.

As we were displaying our genetic gifts, I tried to figure out the clover tongue thing, only to realize there was no way that was happening with my numbness.  So I said, "I'll try again when I'm unnumb enough."

And can you hear what's coming next??!  I began singing "Unnumbenough; bum buta bum bum; Unnumbenough, bum buta bum...."  I continued to crack myself up for way too long with my accidental wit.  Perhaps there was a little something extra special in that anesthetic they injected??

And as I type this, Alex is doing homework while whistling the Muppets theme song!  Ha!  Got 'em hooked!

And, before I forget this, I must add in my favorite Thanksgiving moment.  Perhaps of all time:

On Friday, I cooked up the whole meal so we could have left-overs and turkey sandwiches.  When I took the turkey out of the oven, I realized that I overcooked it a bit, and gave warning to the family.  Brenna was very quick to say, "That's okay, I like the dark meat on the turkey best anyway."

Think about that one.  Alex and I laughed and laughed over that one.  During dinner, we held a turkey meat intervention and explained that "dark meat" was a name for portions of the bird and not a reference to how long the meat cooked.  That is so very Brenna...

Hope you are enjoying some laughter with your is so good to laugh together!


  1. Gotta love that Brenna, I love that girl! You know how I am about the dentist so glad you made it thru your day with a laugh or two!

  2. Sorry about the dentist... I'm having the same type of procedure done Monday. Yuck! We have a whole season of The Muppet Show, complete with guest-stars of famous people that my kids have no clue of who they are. George Burns, Tiny Tim, Sandy Duncan. Actually, they have watched these CD's over the years, off and on, but I think I love them way more than they do! You're welcome to borrow them!