Monday, November 21, 2011

A Book You Must Read ~ And You Know I Mean It If I'm Blogging When I Should Be Sleeping

Okay, I read one of the most captivating, lovely books this weekend.  It is beautifully written, and a book I do believe everyone would love.  And best of all, this book comes from a whole series of books, which means you can prolong your joy of discovery along with the main character.  I will admit the main character is a little baby Polar Bear cub, but don't let that deter you.  And I know I spend a lot of hours hanging out with kindergartners, but don't let that deter you either.  Really, I mean it in all seriousness:  YOU. MUST. READ. THESE. BOOKS.  PERIOD.

Here's the back story (cuz you know I always have a story).  Decorating day at The Christmas Forest was yesterday.  Much more about that later...because it was a fun day and ended with a beautiful tree.  Actually a lot of beautiful trees.  But I'm a bit partial to one in particular.  More on that another day.

Throughout the day, part of the fun is walking around and watching the other trees come together.  It's fun to see the trees in various stages, see the ornaments in bunches before they are wired to the trees, get up close and personal to some of the fun stuff.  One tree is very eye-catching because of the blue led lights, which I'm not a huge fan of, I must admit.  But we stopped to see what they were in the process of creating.  The paper taped to the floor in front of it said their tree title was "God Gave Us Christmas".  Sweet!  So I asked the designer what inspired that theme.  She pulls out this book, and I was instantly smitten.  This sweet little book is a momma telling her little one the story of Christmas, and it is lovely.  THEN, she shows us her other stack of books by the same author:  God Gave Us You, God Gave Us Love, God Gave Us Heaven...Ellen and I stood there and got all teary-eyed, they are that good.  They warmed my heart, made me want to hug a polar bear, and made me start to think I liked blue led lights.  That's a powerful story, my friends.

So, if you have a little person in your life, you really should get your hands on these books.  They would make a fabulous Christmas gift, especially with a little polar bear stuffy to go with it.

And, while poking around for information on the author, I saw that she writes for adults too!  I will be checking out her books in the very near future, and will keep you posted!  In the meantime, here is her website:

Lisa Tawn Bergren

Happy Reading!!

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