Friday, November 4, 2011

Cousin Eddie's Skittles

If you are offended by language, please ignore this post.  But I really think you might get a good giggle out of this.  I, at least, have been laughing about this all week:

The setting is a kindergarten class.  These kids are hysterically funny, and they have no idea.  This week, while they were working in their writing center, they were told to "make a list" after they had finished their worksheets.  It could be any kind of list they wanted, just get some letters on a piece of paper, basically.  I was sitting at that table helping one little girl and another girl at the table had the bright idea to make a list of her favorite candy!  "Ooooh, great idea!" I told her.  So she sat there for quite awhile, staring at her paper.  Finally she asked if I would help her spell her favorite candy:  Skittles.  So I spelled it out one letter at at time while she hunched over her paper and oh-so-carefully wrote those letters.  I was distracted with the other little girl struggling with those pesky lower case "t"s, so didn't get to watch what Skittle Girl was writing.

FINALLY she finished, and proudly held up her paper for me to see her "list":

Okay, it took more restraint and maturity than I knew I had to congratulate her on writing such nice letters and pretend my smile was because I was so proud of her.  I need to also add that this sweet girl also is sporting a self-administered bang trim.  About a 2-inch chunk of bang is missing right in the center of her forehead, and sticks straight out, adding to the cuteness of the moment.

Her teacher and I laughed and laughed and laughed.  We both had the same picture in our mind when we read her list:

Happy Friday!


  1. Ok, I'm dyin' here, you know this is what gets me thru a day. These little things right here. Cracks me up, I wanna come to work with you!

  2. I am laughing and about to choke on my popcorn! So I'll ask the obvious... How did you get a picture of that list and did you send it home? Maybe it's for conferences? Choking, I tell ya! Choking! I have to get a drink of water!

  3. That is so cute. I am just sitting here laughing. I can picture my daughter at that age, bangs included.