Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

Let's head on back to June of 2004. Alex had just turned 9, Brenna was 6, and Beth was 3. We had made the annual birthday trip to Red Robin, which at the time was the height of fine dining for these three. In case you haven't experienced this pleasure, on a birthday they bring out these crazy glasses and sing you a happy birthday song. Alex sweetly swindled the waiter for a couple extra pairs of glasses so his sisters could share the glory of this look. Over the next couple weeks, these glasses were worn at just about every meal. On this night, they put on quite a show with the glasses. They even got Brad and I in on it, and enjoyed it immensely! We have had one of those tough parenting weeks. Not as much laughing as we prefer, and we could use the good medicine of laughter right now. These pictures brought the start of some of that good medicine...

Alex in his muscle man pose. Quick...get that kid another hamburger!

Beth trying to do her muscle woman pose.

This really makes me feel better about myself.

Aren't they a cute pair??!


  1. Those are aweomse! Mrs. Carlson, why dont you wear those glasses all the time, you look great in them! :)

  2. awesome. not awesomse....

  3. I have never seen these pictures! You have been holding out!
    Miss all of you!

  4. Sorry you've had a rough week! Makes me realize I haven't talked to you all week. Anyhow, the glasses are fetching. I don't know why you don't wear them more often.

  5. Leanne, you need to wear those to bible study than I would have a much harder time reading you.
    Have a good one.