Friday, May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday

Here we go back to early May of 2001 for some sweet memories:

Why did I have such a huge bag of M&M's?? I dunno.

Why was it totally empty?? I dunno. Don't judge me.

How did Beth get her hands on this bag? Well, she is child number 3, which means that she pretty much got whatever she squealed for. If it kept her happy and entertained, it was as much a treasure to me as her. I do know that we kept that empty M&M bag for a couple weeks, simply because it was such great entertainment for Beth. She loved the shiny paper, she loved the noises the shiny paper made when she crinkled it, and she loved trying to pick at those colorful M&M pictures. I don't know if the drool shows up in picture #1, but I do think that is not only from teething, but also because she was born with great taste!

I'd love to have another snuggle with that girl as a baby, and maybe snack on a few M&M's while I rock her...
But now we get to share M&M's together, which is equally as sweet. And she does still love to snuggle. Especially if I'm holding M&M's. Yep, I'm raisin' her right!

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