Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cinderella and Prince Charming, Prom Style

I have a dizzying amount of pictures to post, so I will keep the words few and let the pictures speak.  Mostly.

Let me just say....hmmm.  I have to be careful because my son occasionally reads this blog.  But I will say that it has been a beautiful thing to watch him figure out how to be a boyfriend.  He's a very good one.  He apparently has been listening all these years, and we are finding great joy in watching the fruit of much prayer, much love invested, and so much more.

And his Cinderella?  I pretty much adore her.  And I should leave it at that.  For now.

Prom fell on a gorgeous, glorious Saturday.  Blue skies, warm sun...just lovely.  A big group of great kids, lots of pictures, dinner at Pellegrinos, dancing at the Flight Museum, hanging out at a friend's house...a great night.

I only got to be there for the picture part, I wasn't really invited to the rest.  But that was enough.

Almost ready to go, texting Alaina to tell her we were leaving in 2 minutes.

Which was just enough time to get our picture with our little boy.  And no, I did not match him intentionally.  He's more blue, I'm more green, anyway.

Then we arrived, and the obligatory corsage/boutonniere exchange began!

Had to get an up-close of the corsage!  This girl is wild about giraffes, so we found a way to add a little giraffe-bling to her corsage!

Truth be told, they were pretending to know exactly what they were doing, for pictures.  Then Alaina's dad stepped in to secure the flower.

Beautiful and Handsome.

Had to get a shot with the recently-won medals!

This is one of my favorites.

Posing with the group!

Another of my favorites!

Funny story...this girl is about a foot shorter than Alex.  So she got 4-inch heels for the dance, and she rocked 'em!

Aren't they so cute???

After this shot, we told them they were done and they could relax and go have fun.  But then as we drove by, I saw this...

See?  It really is Cinderella and Prince Charming!


  1. I just love this last picture, just love it! You guys have done such a good job by example to show him how to be the price charming that he is.

  2. sigh............................:)

  3. How much do I love this! I'm so proud of Alex and Alaina is indeed, adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. Thanks for the sweet blog post, Mrs. Carlson! It made my day reading this last night, especially the second paragraph. :-)