Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Am Thankful For Cookie Monster

Okay, when I saw this, I just had to post it.  Brenda recently gave her ode to Grover, and I quipped that I must somehow honor Cookie Monster.  I think that needs no explanation.

So when I saw that my dear Cookie Monster has begun a campaign to host Saturday Night Live, I had to show him a little love by sharing this.  I do love that guy.  I love that he has given himself the title of "Cookie Enthusiast" over "glutton".  I can relate, CM.  And the little section on Fake News made me laugh outloud.  That in itself is a little glimpse into the simpleness of my mind.

And watching him eat his cookie at the end brought back so many fond memories.  One thing I remember, from a young age, is thinking that he wasted a lot of his cookie by eating it so frantically and sending it flying around.  From the looks of this clip, he continues to waste a lot of perfectly good cookie.

I hope you are safe and snug in your home with some fuzzies on.  It's bitterly cold out there, some might say it's frightful.  Grab yourself some cookies and milk (delightful) and enjoy 4 minutes of cookie love...

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