Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Big Contented Sigh...

With tonight's cheer banquet, I officially closed out our 2010 cheer season.  (And in my fatigue, I just typed "cheese ason".  And in my fatigue, that made me chuckle.)

Lots of them I will continue to see because they are Beth's friends, but some of them I won't see until next summer.  Some I will not even coach again as they abandon me for the big step-up to 6th grade.

It hit me tonight as I was giving each one their gift and saying some special things to them individually, as it does every year at the banquet, that I'm really going to miss these sweet girls.  A couple girls got all teary-eyed as I was talking to them, and that just did me in.  Then I was fighting tears through each girl.  I get a little bit attached after spending three months with them.

This is all so much more than a cheer squad.  This is a group of 19 girls who are each someone's daughter, and I work very hard to treat each one as I want my own treated.

One girl's family is in the midst of a very sad breakup, all unfolding over the last three months.  One girl is very new to the area and knew nobody before our season started.  I could go on and on with the situations that some of these little girls are facing.  I become very motherly to each of them, and they become very close with each other.  They worked very hard together, they had a lot of fun together, and they won together!  One little girl who is going through a particularly hard time, hugged me goodbye several times.  One time she just hugged me and hugged me and said nothing.  She didn't need to say a word.  I know this has been a very steady, consistent, calm place for her in the midst of a lot of shaky, new, and chaotic situations.

This season had its stress for sure, and that part I am so glad to be done with.  And I pray that the little bit of good I was able to drop into each girl will take root and stay with them. 

I will indeed miss these girls, but I sigh a contented sigh knowing that I invested all I could and gave them everything they deserved!  And also knowing that I now can reclaim some of my evenings.  And Saturdays.  Bye-bye season of 2010!


  1. they are blessed to get a little piece of you and I am sure it will be in their hearts forever. Great year Leanne, you should be so proud!

  2. it takes a special person to be a 'mother image' to these girls. They will remember you always! So proud of you Leanne!

    A. Claudia

  3. Investment for eternity! Making a great impact on such precious lives...What a gift you are to them!
    That's what I call...ministry!