Friday, October 1, 2010

Quiet Friday Night Thankfulness

Ah...a calm, quiet Friday night.  Such a hectic week it was, filled with lots of cheering:  cheer practices, dance choreography, mental routine figuring-outing, cross-country cheering, volleyball game cheering, "you can do it!" cheering-on of one of my special little friends at school...and on and on it went.  Lots of good stuff.  Now Alex is home from his team spaghetti feed, Brenna is home from Young Life, all five of us home in one place.  Happily scattered throughout the house, while I ponder this doozy of a week.

It's been a tough week.  Lots of darts thrown my way, even though the target wasn't directly at me.  The person throwing flaming darts had bad aim, and while enraged, propelled them in many undeserved directions.  I took some hits. I cried some tears.  And yet when I reflect on the week, my mind is full of the goodness of the week.

So I thought I would just list them...

1A.  Saturday, while I was away at my 4th football game of the day, Alex baked chocolate chip cookies for me.  He even made one in the shape of a heart for me.  I think I'm his favorite mother.  And I think he wanted some cookies.

My sweet boy and my sweet cookie.

 1.  Sunday, a sweetie of a high school cheerleader helped me finish the last part of my dance I was hung up on.  "I'm Walking On Sunshine" is all sunny!

2.  Sunday I also got to spend time with two sweet friends and decorate the mock-up of our Seuss Christmas Tree.  It's going to be so cute this year, and we realized we are way more prepared than we thought we were.  At least that's how I remember it.  But now I remember I'm suppose to be keeping my eyes out for something...a topper or stars or Thing One or A Wocket or something.

3.  Tuesday I made my new friends into those yummy little cookies and filled my house with the scent of cinnamon.  A sweetness to my day that I needed.

4.  Tuesday our humidity went away too.  No thank you for anymore.

5.  Wednesday, although I missed it because it was an out-of-town meet and I couldn't have made it there in time, I was cheering Alex on in my mind...and he got a personal best 20:03 for a 5K.  Wow.

Amazing coach, neat group of guys.

6.  Wednesday was the last day of Beth's bug collecting.  Thank you Lord for all the beautiful creatures you made.  And thank you that I can stop seeing them scurrying around in a kill jar waiting to be pinned.  And thank you that she got her 20 bugs.  I mean insects.  Amen.

7.  Thursday I got to watch Brenna play her first-ever volleyball game.  Sweetest.  Bunch.  Of.  Girls.  Period.

8.  Thursday Alex had his audition that he showed up for a week early last week.  He feels good about it, and his cold passed quickly so he didn't have to audition sick.

9.  Thursday I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

10.  Friday came.

11.  Friday I got my 3rd kiss on the cheek from one of the little people I am one-on-one with at school.  If you knew him, you would give an extra long "awww", and maybe even get a tear in your eye.  I think I love him.  (And yes, I'm picturing Keith Partridge singing when I say that.  One friend was so kind to plant The Partridge Family theme song in my mind early in the week.  I sang it allllll week.  For variety, I now have "I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of..." stuck in my head.  I'll take TV theme songs for $1000, Alex.  Trebek.  Not my Alex.)  But the little kissing bandit?  He sure is lovable.

12.  Oh, and last night at 11:00, I had a creative brain surge and found a way to put together our entire competition routine.  Now we'll see if it's under 4 minutes.  And if our stunt can work.  And, and, and.  But at least I have a plan.  ("Come on, get happy!!!")

"Dear God, please let our coach figure this out soon!"

13.  Friday I ran at 6:30 in the morning.  I do not like that.  But I love the fact that I was in such a daze that I now can barely remember doing it.  I might try that again next week.

Happy October!!


  1. I am so glad for the phone call this week, it really was great to sit with my friend for a few minutes and all in all it looks like you had a pretty good week. We can't let those big pesky (sp?) things ruin override the little good moments and it looks like you have that down too.

  2. Ellen is on the Wocket etc patrol, so don't worry yourself over that one. Please do look for my Cat in the Hat though, and the Kohl's bag of other guys and their books. I seriously can't find them anywhere here and I've looked in EVERY nook and crany. So frustrating!

    Glad you had a good week, so did I. Maybe I will need to blog about it too. Hmmmm.

  3. This sounds awful, but I am finding comfort in the fact that I am not the only one that is in soooo many places at one time. :) Love ya girl! I can't wait to see that routine.

  4. WOW! Sounds like a lot of stuff is going on at the Carlson house! Thats so cool that Brenna is doing volley ball. I tried volley ball when I was in 6th grade... didnt really work out for me! But I am sure that Brenna is a pro!