Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Edge of A Cliff = The Sprouting of Grey Hairs

A couple weeks ago, Brad and Alex went on their annual father/son camping trip.  Much to Beth's disenchantment, no girls are allowed on this trip.  Boys only.  They always have a great 2 nights away together.  I've heard many stories about this trip, and have seen a few pictures.  The pictures they were eager to show me included the mountain goats they came upon, the chipmunks that would calmly take food right out of your hand, and the beautiful views they took in while climbing Mt. Ellinor.

The pictures that I didn't see right away were the shots that could easily cause an immediate surge in the growth of my grey hairs.  I thought I'd share a few of these bonding moments these boys experienced:

Oh.  My.  And then on the way home they stopped and played in the middle of the freeway.  I'm kidding, of course.  I think.  Anything is possible with these two.

I think I should end with a picture of something much calmer.  For my sake, because my insides are not calm right now. 

that's good

that's better

that's the best


  1. HOLY COW! That first picture made ME scared. Wowowowow. It kind of makes my stomach turn upside down. YIKES! But sounds like they had an amazing camping trip!

  2. Thank you Leanne for writing this blog post!

    It was a really amazing time. The views were spectacular from the top of the mountain. We could see all the way from British Columbia to Oregon. The Seattle skyline was visible as well. Alex's adventurous side really showed through as we traversed down the side of the mountain on goat paths.

    Since the Staircase campground was full we had to find another location to pitch our tent. So we ended up staying at a really nice campground called Dow Creek and they even had warm showers! We revamped the fire pit and it ended up being the nicest fire pit in the whole campground. Great memories were made.

    p.s. Sorry Leanne for stinking up your van like smoke. There weren't any picnic tables so we had to use the back of the van for seating and food preparation. You are the sweetest wife for allowing us this adventure in your van! I am really looking forward to going away with you and having our own adventure of a very different (luxurious) kind next weekend! :)

  3. love this, and LOVE these pictures...