Thursday, July 11, 2013

She's A Little Bugged

I began looking through some older pictures for another reason, but stumbled upon some other gems in the process.  I kept opening album after album of pictures that speak loudly of who Beth is.

From the time this girl has been tiny, she has loved all things bugs.  She has never met a bug she didn't fall in love with.  She sincerely thinks these little creatures are all kinds of cute.  She's a girl who loves what she loves.  

I'm a girl who doesn't particularly get freaked out by bugs, well not ALL bugs anyway.  But I really prefer them to stay in their own habitat and not invade mine.  I really don't want to touch them.  I'll look at them if I must, but please don't get too close.  And then came Beth.  And before she was 2 years old, she could catch flies.  She would toddle after one all over the house, wait for it to fly up to a window, climb up on something and pinch that fly between her little thumb and finger, proudly bringing it to show us.  She would catch anything that crept or crawled or flew.  Intensely curious, she would put it right up to her face and study everything about it.  Before I knew it, I was buying books about bugs, planning bug-themed birthday parties, setting up frog habitats and helping her catch (or purchase) their food.  It's amazing the adventure our kids can bring us on!

So as I looked back through some of these pictures, I loved how much they captured Beth's personality.  I could post pages of pictures of just her and bugs, but I chose just a sampling.

Here she is with a freshly-caught fly!

And a snake that she caught and carried around ALL day.

And a little crab on the beach.

Her one-eyed tree frog, Sally.

And a crane fly she caught - mid flight!

Another frog named Sally. (She was fond of the name Sally!)

A collection of snails.  (Check out the pile on the table and in the jar.)

She would even dress like an animal...she wore this elephant costume ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Her little cheeks would be flaming red from over-heating, her sweaty hair would curl up around her face, but that costume stayed on.

And this has nothing to do with this post, but I just think it's an adorable picture of my three.

And this one too.  Precious picture with my Gramma Bryan.  Miss her still.

And this one?  Come on.  It just cracks me up!  

Now back to present day!  On a recent hike, Beth was scooping up mud and came up with this big 'ole frog!  Even Brenna has been a good sport with the bug (or salamander) lovin'.

The day after this hike, on a walk with her dad, Beth came home with another snake.  She didn't want her picture taken with it...I should have insisted.  I'm happy to say that after taking a swim in the pool, that snake was released into our greenbelt.  Slither far, little snake.

Beth's uniqueness is such a joy.  She makes life such an adventure, and so much fun.  She sees beauty in things that many people only see "ewww"ness.  She's intensely curious still, and plans to have a houseful of animals when she has her own house.  She really would love to have a very large snake, but I've drawn the line.  So she's decided that when she's grown, her house will have a giant "animal room" where she will keep her snake.  And iguana.  And various lizards.  And she's assured me that when I come to visit I don't have to go into that room.  Kind of her.

I love, love, love this girl's zest for life, her inquisitive spirit, and her love for adventure!!


  1. This makes me smile, she is a darling, so darn cute, and even today.....the cutest darn thing.

    (PS Corv just coaxed me outside while reading this and thru a beetle on me. I screamed to high heaven)

    So, I'm a little freaked by the little creatures that Beth finds fascinating.

  2. I love the series of photos you came up with! Someone has to love bugs and I am glad it's Beth. Tell her we released our frog into the wild of the retention pond it came from as an egg. We didn't name it. Maybe it was Sally?

  3. Such a cute story and sweet pictures.
    I remember when Madeline, my grand daughter, was only about four and she was so excited that she had her very own pet earth worm. These two would get along good.