Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Mother's Day Wishlist

I'm going to dive right in and pretend it hasn't been ridiculously long since I've been on this blog. I'm starting to miss it again, so I have hopes of getting caught up very soon.  Hopes.

In the meantime, we are a mere 2 days away from Mother's Day.  This day is a mix of emotions for me...wishing to celebrate with my mom, yet feeling overwhelmingly blessed to celebrate being a mom.  It's a privilege I never take for granted.  Best thing, without comparison, I could ever hope to be.  A mom.  I feel a flood of emotion just soaking in that word.  Even with the craziness of this season we are in, even with the ever-increasing grey hairs, even with the immense pressure to get it "right" (whatever that is), it still is the biggest blessing of my be a mom.

And here comes Sunday.  As strange as it feels, it is a day for my three to celebrate me.  And they always knock themselves silly, at their father's leading, to make it a great day.  And they always want to know what I want to do.  They often have a hard time understanding the simplicity of what I want.  The sincere simplicity.  So I thought I would attempt to make it easy on them this year.  I will publish a list.  My Mother's Day List.  Even the parts of the list that seem silly, I'm being sincere.  I'm laying it all out there:

1.  I want to sleep in.
2.  I want a late breakfast of cinnamon rolls and coffee.
3.  I want a long, hot shower without any interruptions or anyone flushing a toilet.
4.  I do not want to hear anyone passing gas.  Especially 6'2" almost 18 year olds.
5.  I don't want to hear anyone say anyone's name in a frustrated or impatient voice.
6.  I don't want to see, smell, or clean anything with peanut butter on it.
7.  I don't want to clean anything.
8.  I want someone to make me chocolate chip cookies in time for the Survivor season finale, which I intend to watch in its entirety.
9.  10,000 Bonus Points to anyone who cleans my bathroom for me.  
10.  20,000 Bonus Points to anyone who puts freshly washed sheets on my bed.
11.  I want to read a good book with a cozy blanket.  I have a couple suggestions for books you could give me if you need an idea.  You know where to find me.
12.  I may re-watch some Downton Abbey, and I don't want any flak for it.
13.  I want hugs and "I love you"s and maybe a couple "You are the BEST"s thrown in.

See?  It's really quite simple.  YOU are my gifts.  My gift is being your mom, and I love that you love to honor that.  Let's keep it peaceful and happy and simple.  I'm more aware than ever that we won't always get to share this day together, so let's just enjoy a simplistic day of being in one place at one time.

I love you, I love being your mom, and I'm thankful for the privilege.  YOU are my gift.  (But feel free to still get me something.  Something that doesn't plug in, please.)


  1. I love your list and I think I will steal it! Number four? Yes, this would be an absolute miracle in my house despite the special day.

    Have a great day Momma, this Momma loves you so!

  2. You are amazing and please know your mom would be so proud! Celebrate who she was because part of you is her. God bless you!

    Aunt Claudia