Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I Love

There's a new love in my life.  I'm not throwing that word around loosely, this is a LOVE in my life.  This is a bit of a public service announcement, because I think the word needs to be spread.  Spread to where?  I don't know, because everyone I excitedly share this with says, "Oh, yes, I love those!  Aren't they great??"  Well, then, why have you never told me?  Someone finally did, a friend of my daughter...and now I'm in love.


These are so perfect.  They are light and crisp, perfect amount of salty.  I will eat no other chip.  Now, that's probably going a bit far.  I'm sure another chip will pass my lips at some point.  But as long as it is within my ability I will eat no other chip.  I think I will name my next child Juanita.

We also must keep it real.  Salty is great and has its place.  But sweet...sweet is my first love.  Have you ever been asked if you could only have sweet or salty for the rest of your life, which it would be?  You don't ever need to ask me that question.  If you know me, even just a wee bit, the answer is obvious.

So, via a little Facebook conversation, I came to know another of my new loves.  A friend posted a picture of a pallet full of "Mini Cadbury Eggs".  Blech.  I thought they were miniature versions of the big cadbury eggs that leak out raw egg-ish looking goop.  THAT is a waste of chocolate, friends.  So a mini-version of that?  No thank you and please don't even suggest it.  HOWEVER, I was enlightened by my dear friend.  She happily informed me that these didn't leak any goop.  They are pure chocolate on the inside.  She described it as "an M&M on steroids".  Ah, now.  Yes, please.


We went out for a special dinner together Friday night, to celebrate Brad's new job.  And I was presented with a bag of these nuggets of delicousness.  And we broke 'em open right there at the table while waiting for our dinner.  Cuz we're classy like that.

And seriously?  I could hear Keith Partridge singing "I think I love you...." as I began my relationship with these.  They are only here for a limited time, so I highly suggest you jump right aboard this bandwagon without any further ado.


I have plans for them.  Plans for them to prosper...in the form of a cookie.

My new loves.  I hope you will love them too, there's plenty for all!


  1. Oh yes we love Juanita's Tortilla Chips too!

  2. those chips, it's like a staple in this house. And, ironically they are like the most inexpensive too. I hope they don't catch on how much we ALL love them and jack that price right up there. If you go to Winco they have the super BIG bags. Just a little FYI! I'm sorry you found out so late, I should have opened my mouth.

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