Sunday, October 21, 2012

Running #4

Oh, my blog.  I have missed spending any time here.  Life has thrown some extra measures of crazy lately, sucking up any free time or energy to put sensible thoughts together.  But I must get back on track.  The moments I want to document are piling up, and at this rate I'll forget them before I write them.  So here we go:

First up is a recap of my sweet little runner's accomplishments.

Miss Brenna has wowed herself and her coach with her running wonders!  Her season has been great from the start, and her times have been steadily improving.  And this last week was the big League Championship meet.  She ran with the varsity girls as runner #8 on her team.  By the end of the race, little miss speedy was runner #4 on her team!  She flew through the course, setting a personal record and scoring points for her team!  (Cross country is a confusing sport to me.  Certain running placements score points for the team while other placers displace runners from other teams, ultimately giving more points to the other team in a sport where less points is better.  Clearly I do not understand it.  I'm sure that's not even remotely close.)  All I know is Brenna ran fast enough to score for her team, qualifying them to move on to the District Meet this weekend!  So it was basically a fantastic run.  Her coach was pretty thrilled.

Off and running, pony tail flyin"!
First mile - 6.19!
Entering the finish lane.
Love this picture - both feet off the ground!
Finishing her 5K in 20.55!
 Sweet running friends.  A special treat:  the girl to Brenna's left is the daughter of her pre-school teacher!
The girls of the 2012 Cross Country Team!
Coach giving a congratulation huddle after their 3rd place announcement!
And I must end with this picture:
This lady was leaning so hard into the tape that she almost pulled the stake right out of the ground!  Can you say "boundary pusher"?  Sheesh! 

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  1. That last picture totally cracked me up. I was trying to focus on what her shirt said until I sat back and looked at the whole picture~ha! I'm so proud of Brenna, she has a runners body that girl, love that she is doing so well at this, so exciting!!!