Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boredom Is Forcing Me To Stop At 8

It feels like a make-a-list kind of Sunday.  So I'm makin' a list!

1.  The glorious weather this weekend was...well, glorious!  The blueness of the sky, the warmth of the sun, the chirpiness of the birds?  A gift!  Brad and I had a lot of alone time this weekend, and we spent part of that time walking to Starbucks in the warm sunshine and having our first iced drink in quite a long time.  4 miles of holding hands and talking without interruption and dessert through a straw?  Loved it.

2.  I saw this quote on Pinterest and it spoke volumes to me:

Nothing quite like biting into a good-lookin' chocolate chip cookie only to discover it's raisins.  Ewwww!

3.  Today we ate Ugli fruit for the first time.  We like to buy "weird" things and experience them together, things that the kids are curious about.  So today we experienced Ugli fruit.  They are indeed ugly on the outside, but very yummy on the inside.  They are a cross between grapefruit, tangelos and something else and they grow in Jamaica.  They remind me of a very sweet grapefruit, very very juicy.  The lesson here kids?  Don't judge a fruit by its skin. 

4.  My dear friend played a 109-point word this weekend.  I felt an undeniable motherly-type pride.  And then I felt challenged.  I think she's got me in a corner on this one, but I'm proud of her.

5.  As part of our alone time this weekend, we talked through a lot of vacation options for taking the trip Brad won.  We haven't arrived on a final decision, but we are creeping oh-so-close.  And it will involve warm water.  And sand.  And sun.  And maybe even a beverage with a cute little umbrella in it.

6.  I watched one of my top 5 favorite movies this weekend:

I love this movie.  The whole ranting about indecisive people ordering coffee?  Love it.  The Shop Around the Corner makes me want to hang out in a bookstore.  And it makes me want to read Pride and Prejudice and buy a bouquet of daisies.

7.  The baking bug is working its way back into me.  That's a good sign for me.

8.  I played with the minds of my high-level 4th grade reading group on Friday and loved every minute.  These are kids that are in the habit of knowing all the answers and wanting to get everything right.  So for their test on Friday, I added a bonus question and asked them what color shirt I was wearing the day before.  Oh, my.  The look of panic that crossed their faces was priceless!  You could see their wheels spinning, "What if we don't know???  How many points is that worth???  What happens if we guess wrong???"  It's good for them to be thrown off a bit, and I had fun watching it.

I was going to do 10 things but I'm bored already and want to be done.  So 8 it is!

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  1. yah for this weekend! And I love this quote way too much, I think I need this sign in my house.