Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rest of The Story

It's time to get out the last of the vacation pictures.  So many great times, so many pictures!

On our first full day of vacation we went to Leavenworth and found this great hat shop.  We all had a great time becoming different characters:

Hippie meets hot dog

The stunning Miss Emily

Thomas displaying how I feel today!

My quirky Bethie

Quite the look, eh?  I think I may let myself go grey and embrace it!  Or not.


And there was so much more...

Nap taking:

S'More eating:

Game playing:

Friendship growing:

And, I must end this vacation recap with..........

Some Blueberry Hill lovin':

I kid you not, I salivate just looking at this picture!!

Gotta end it with the beauty shot:

Okay, false alarm...I'm not done yet!  Have I mentioned the pie?  Oh, the PIE!!  We bought a pie at Blueberry Hills and I ate that whole thing by myself over the course of the week.  And I didn't think even once about sharing it.  Most things are better shared, but not this pie.  It was a scrumptious peach pie that has stayed with me to this day.  I'm trying to run it off, but it is so still there.

All I have to share with you is a picture of a half-eaten piece of positively precious deliciousness.  I hope you can feel the love.


  1. YEA! Thank you so much Carlson Clan for making this such a fun vacation!

  2. Ok, I am all in and lovin' every part of this vacation, I can feel it all until I got stuck when you mentioned letting your hair go,GRAY? Once I got past this I was keeping up with the rest of the fun you were having, especially that yummy pie!